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 Active Research Projects

The Relationship Between Neuropsychological Functioning, Activities of Daily Living, and Caregiver Burden in Dementia

The focus of this NIH-funded project is to examine how well traditional neuropsychological tests taken by patients with dementia can assist in predicting how they function in their everyday tasks (such as shopping, finances, etc.). Furthermore, this project investigates the psychological and functional well-being of caregivers and how this plays a role in the patients' lives. 

Neuropsychological Test Performance of Specific Ethnic and Caucasian Groups*

The aim of this project is to examine the cultural factors that affect the test performance of immigrant, bilingual, and ethnically diverse individuals. Accurately assessing cognitive functioning of ethnically diverse individuals is a challenge in the field of neuropsychology, given that traditional tests have primarily been developed for monolingual, English-speaking Americans. In this project, we aim to identify acculturation factors and how they may contribute to neuropsychological test performance.

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