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The association between neuropsychological scores and ethnicity, language, and acculturation variables in a large patient population 


The effects of culture on WASI Test Performance in Ethnically Diverse Individuals

The Rey 15-Item Recognition Trial:
A Technique to Enhance Sensitivity of the Rey 15-Item Memorization Test 

Apathy and cognitive performance in older adults with depression 

Effects of acculturation on tests of attention and information processing in an ethnically diverse group 

Diversity Summit 2008: Challenges in the Recruitment and Retention of Ethnic Minorities in Neuropsychology 

Patterns of Deficits in Daily Functioning and Cognitive Performance of Patients With Alzheimer Disease 

Predicting Everyday Functional Abilities of Dementia Patients With the Mini-Mental State Examination

Predicting Caregiver Burden from Daily Functional Abilities of Patients with Mild Dementia 

Relationship Between Executive Functioning and Activities of Daily Living in Patients With Relatively Mild Dementia 

Selected Publications

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